Spoke8 Marketing is a Lansing, Michigan based marketing, media, design and web company. Using the hub and spoke marketing model, Spoke8 can build your brand's web site--the hub--and provide all of the additional elements that stem from it--the spokes. Using inbound marketing methodology, your message can be customized by audience, you can see who is visiting you every day, and even know how and when your website turns a visitor into a customer. With expert credentials in web development, creative design services, digital and traditional marketing and media, our team is dedicated to helping create the strategic and tactical plans that will put you in control of your business-- and  increase sales and brand awareness. Spoke8 Marketing applies creativity to web development projects, marrying smart marketing with smart technology. Our Drupal, Joomla and WordPress projects apply brilliant thinking and weave in sophisticated integrations to create all-in-one, customer-driven web experiences.

Recent Work